4 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for All Type of Pools

    A robotic pool cleaner keeps your swimming pool clean without clogging the skimmer or burning out your filtration system. 

    Not only are the grounds of the pool cleaned, but they can also clean the walls, stairs, and even some types that can suck up trash on the surface.

    Aside from taking the labor out of cleaning your pool, some robotic pool cleaners come with features that allow you to schedule cleanings, check water temperature, and even monitor cleaning to help you narrow down your choices.


    Our Top-Rated Picking

    After researching dozens of pool cleaners and testing several hands-on, here are our top picks for best robotic, suction-side and self-propelled pool cleaners:


    Detailed Reviews to Find the Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

    A robotics pool cleaner can be a game-changer if you want to cut maintenance time in half. Read our reviews to find the right choice for your budget and pool size. You'll be swimming in crystal clear water and enjoying your pool again in no time.

    1. Polaris VRX iQ+

    The Polaris VRXIQ Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with I Aqualink Control is the best pool cleaner if you prefer a unit that has multiple settings and is easy to transport. 

    The pool cleaner comes with a steel caddy that makes it easy to move the unit from the pool to its storage spot. The robot cleaner features a 70-foot cable that comes in handy with each of the unit's cleaning settings. Vortex Vacuum Technology and selected super strong suction with 7 cleaning modes with different power to match the size of the pool (Smart Cycle Quick, clean, Deep, clean water line only, and custom) 

    Cleaning pattern: Systematic

    Cleaning cycle time: Customizable


    ✔️  Advanced navigation technology of the Polaris VRX iQ+ 

    ✔️  VRX iQ+ has a programmable timer, allowing customers to set

    ✔️  User-friendly with iAquaLink Control

    ✔️  The cord length is up to 70’, which is effective.


    ❌  Price may be a barrier for some customers

    It can be controlled via an iAquaLink app which allows you to also do targeted spot cleanings. 

    The design, which doesn't require any tools to assemble, has a handle that'll make it easy to move the robotic pool cleaner to a storage space in your backyard, so you won't have to worry about doing any heavy lifting. 

    Smartly designed wheels with a large diameter and a 4-wheel drive system help the machine overcome all barriers in front of even large-sized stairs. It also increases the ability to climb walls and conquer every angle in the pool.

    The wheeled caddy was easy to set up as it snapped in place and didn't require any hardware. Plus, the Caddy allows the unit to sit upright, which may end up saving you space depending on where you store it. 

    Our Experience: During our observation, Polaris VRX iQ+  can be used in in-ground residential pools up to 60 feet in length.


    2. Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe

    The Intex 28005E Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner is a powerful and efficient device designed to keep your pool clean and free from debris. 

    Small but effective, the vacuum offers a lot of suction power and great scrubbing action with its 2 roll brush.

    Cleaning pattern: Random

    Cleaning cycle time: Operates continuously 


    ✔️  Easy to install and connects to the pool's existing filtration system

    ✔️  Relatively affordable pool cleaning option 

    ✔️  Does not have a lot of moving parts and requires minimal maintenance


    ❌  Requires the pool pump to be running in order to operate

    ❌  Only for above-ground pools and may not be suitable for in-ground pools

    This automatic pool cleaner utilizes water power suction with a flow rate of 700 gallons per hour to effectively remove dirt and debris from your pool. One of the standout features of the 28005E Deluxe is its Allwheel drive system, which enables swift cleaning action and superior wall climbing performance. To operate the ZX300 Deluxe you will need an Intex pump with a flow rate ranging between 1600 to 3500 gallons per hour. The cleaner hooks up to the inlet for water returning to the pool and utilizes water pressure, not suction, to function, making it a pressure-side cleaner.

    The ZX300 Deluxe features a fine 6G A or 0.15-mm mesh filter that captures even the smallest debris particles, leaving your pool water crystal clear. Additionally, it has a large 0.48-gallon debris container allowing for an extended cleaning duration before emptying the container. The pool cleaner comes with an A21FT4IN non tangle hose providing ample length for maneuverability and coverage. The Intex ZX300 Deluxe is specifically designed for use with Intex above ground pools with PVC liners and 1.5 inch threaded inlet fittings only. It is not suitable for Intex Easy Set pools or pools with inflatable top rings 

    Our Experience: The recommended cleaning time is typically 1-2 hours. After the cleaning cycle is complete, turn off the pool pump and remove the cleaner from the pool.


    3. Dolphin Nautilus CC+

    The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Cleaner is a powerful and efficient pool cleaning device designed to scrub the floor and walls of your pool regardless of its shape or surface type. 

    Cleaning pattern: Systematic

    Cleaning cycle time: 2 hours


    ✔️  Powerful suction system and scrubbing brushes to remove dirt

    ✔️  Offers multiple cleaning modes

    ✔️  Easy to use and requires minimal setup

    ✔️  Saving energy by using less electricity than other types 


    ❌  More expensive than some other models

    ❌  Relatively heavy pool cleaner 

    With its wall-climbing capabilities, it can provide the ultimate cleaning for your pool. The Cleaner features an easy-access top-load fine filter basket that effectively removes debris from your pool, leaving you with crystal-clear water. Its powerful filtration system ensures year-round cleanliness, keeping your pool in pristine condition using the Dolphins Plug and Play system.

    Operating the robot is incredibly simple plug it in, drop it into the pool, and turn on the power supply. In just two hours you'll have a spotless pool ready for use. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus incorporates smart navigation technology which allows the robot to strategically clean your pool by scanning and determining the most efficient cleaning path. 

    This ensures thorough cleaning regardless of your pool's shape or surface type with unmatched performance, durability, and cost savings. Dolphin products provide hassle-free pool maintenance solutions, allowing pool owners to focus on enjoying their pool with family and friends 

    Our Experience: Dolphin Nautilus CC+ is a versatile and effective robotic pool cleaner that can be used in a variety of in-ground pool sizes and types.


    4.  AIPER Seagull Pro

    The Aiper Seagull Pro robotic pool cleaner is a front runner for tackling leaves and twigs among all the robotic pool cleaner models we've tested. We also happened to test this cleaner in a pool that's shaded by a cedar tree, oak tree, and bamboo, so it was well challenged with a surplus of debris. Our favorite feature of this pool cleaner was its methodical cleaning pattern, which operates in an S shape across pool floors and an elongated N shape along walls and water lines. 

    Cleaning pattern: Systematic

    Cleaning cycle time: 3 hours


    ✔️  Cleaning Area up to 3,200 sq. ft of pool

    ✔️  Capable of cleaning floors & walls & waterlines

    ✔️  Suitable for all types of material: concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass

    ✔️  Super fast charge and the longer battery life 


    ❌  Not come with a remote control, so you cannot manually control its movements

    WavePathTM navigation technology makes the robot move systematically and flexibly which improves cleaning performance. You can see how they move through the stairs perfectly. Comes with 3 cleaning modes to help you customize in case you only want to clean each fixed position.

    One point that we are extremely impressed with is their active battery life. According to the manufacturer's announcement, the run time is up to 180 minutes for a single charge and only takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. This cordless robot vacuum cleaner works really well and there's nothing to complain about, they work completely independently without needing to be connected to a power source or a pump.

    We will note it's very important to start this pool cleaner along a flat wall. We learned that the cleaning pattern is easily interrupted when initially placed near steps or a sun ledge, as we did at first.

    Our Experience: Use for all types of swimming pools and especially outdoor swimming pools where there is a lot of dirt and garbage

    What to Consider Before Buying Robotic Pool Cleaners

    When it comes to buying a robotic pool cleaner, there are a few key factors to consider:

    1. Pool size

    Measure the length, width and maximum depth of your pool to ensure the cleaner can effectively cover the entire surface area. Larger pools require higher powered cleaners. 

    • For above ground pools under 15×30 feet: iRobot Piranha Max with WiFi app control, wall climbing ability and easy maintenance.

    • For in ground pools up to 40×20 feet: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus with integrated filtration system, remote control and long cables for maximum coverage.

    • For extra large pools: Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus with powerful water jets, scrubbing brushes and scheduling options. Easy to customize settings for your unique pool.

    2. Filter bag vs. filtration system

    Filter bags simply collect debris while filtration systems can actually filter out fine particles to keep water crystal clear. Choose based on your cleaning needs.

    3. Drive system

    Most use suction to "crawl" the pool walls but some have rotating brushes or water jets for more powerful cleaning. Consider your pool's condition and level of debris.

    4. Extra features

    Consider options like WiFi connectivity, scheduling, remote controls and visibility aids that make daily use more convenient.

    FAQs about robotic pool cleaners

    Q: How do robotic pool cleaners work?

    A: Most robotic pool cleaners work by using water flow, suction or rotating brushes to move around the pool walls and floors. They also have a filter bag or filtration system to trap debris that is vacuumed up. Some have additional features like climbing wheels, water jets or scrubbing brushes for better cleaning power.

    Q: Can robotic pool cleaners replace manual vacuuming?

    A: Robotic pool cleaners are meant to supplement, not replace manual cleaning. They can automate much of the basic vacuuming and debris pick up but may miss spots or not get into corners as thoroughly. Most pool owners still do some manual spot cleaning in addition to using a robotic cleaner.

    Q: How often should you run a robotic pool cleaner?

    A: It depends on the size of your pool, level of pool use and debris levels. As a general guideline, running a robotic pool cleaner 2-3 times per week is sufficient for most above-ground pools. In-ground pools, especially larger ones, may require daily or every other day cleaning.

    Q: Do robotic pool cleaners actually make pool water clearer?

    A: Yes, when used regularly, robotic pool cleaners can keep pool water significantly clearer by effectively vacuuming up debris, dirt and algae that cloud the water. However, having a proper filtration system, regular manual cleaning, proper chemicals and covers (when not in use) also play a role in crystal clear pool water.

    Q: How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

    A: More expensive robotic pool cleaners from reputable brands typically last 5-10 years when well maintained. The filter bags or cartridges will need more frequent replacement (every 4-6 months) but major parts like pumps and motors should function well for many years with proper care. Cheaper models may not be as durable.

    Final Thought

    Ultimately, the best robotic pool cleaner is the one that works for your unique pool size, shape, budget and desired features. Do your research into the different types of drive systems, filter systems and technologies available. Then test the top candidates in your actual pool, if possible, before buying. With the right robotic helper, your pool water can become a crystal clear oasis for entertaining and enjoying all summer long.

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