Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2024

    Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2024


    If you're looking for a robotic pool cleaning, there are a few important considerations to consider. To begin, search for a model with strong suction and the ability to efficiently clean your pool.

    You should also examine the size of your pool as well as the amenities provided by different models, such as programmable cleaning schedules and remote control capabilities.

    Investing in a high-quality robotic pool cleaner will help maintain your pool clean and decrease the need for costly expert cleanings in the long term. You may guarantee that your investment is profitable by selecting a model with the appropriate features and capabilities for your pool.

    Top Picks

    Here are all of our top best robotic pool cleaners that we have picked out for you to choose.

    Buying Guide

    Here are all the key factors of best robotic pool cleaners that you need to know if you want to choose and get the best one for your pool.

    Cleaning Efficiency

    The cleaning effectiveness of a robotic pool cleaner is the most crucial thing to consider when purchasing one. A competent robotic pool cleaner should be capable of cleaning the pool of all forms of material, including dirt, leaves, and even microscopic particles.

    A cleaner with tremendous suction and an innovative filtration system may keep your pool sparkling clean and eliminate the need for hand cleaning.

    Betta SE (2023 Model) - Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer with Enhanced Core Durability and Re-Engineered Twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant Motors (Blue)

    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a popular robotic pool cleaner with a high cleaning efficiency. This cleaner's strong suction and innovative filtration system can remove any form of material from your pool, leaving it gleaming clean in only a few hours.

    The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an excellent choice if you want a cleaner that will make pool upkeep a breeze.

    Pool Size

    The size of your pool is another key consideration when purchasing a robotic pool cleaner. If you have a huge pool, you'll need a cleaner that can cover a vast surface area quickly. A tiny and lightweight cleaner, on the other hand, may be a better alternative if you have a smaller pool.

    The Polaris F9550 Sport, for example, is a high-end robotic pool cleaner suited for big pools. This cleaner can cover a big surface area and clean your pool in a few hours thanks to its broad cleaning brush and high suction.

    The Polaris F9550 Sport is an excellent choice if you have a large pool and need a cleaner that can get the job done quickly.

    Programmable Features

    Some key elements to consider when purchasing a robotic pool cleaning are programmable capabilities like scheduling, remote control, and smart navigation. These features may make pool care simple and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy a clean pool without having to worry about it.

    The Hayward SharkVac XL is a robotic pool cleaning with configurable features including a weekly timer, remote control, and smart navigation.

    You can simply schedule the cleaner to clean your pool at a specified time, operate the cleaner from a distance, and guarantee that it cleans every corner of your pool using these capabilities.

    The Hayward SharkVac XL is an excellent choice for a robotic pool cleaning with configurable capabilities for easy maintenance.


    Finally, while purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, examine its durability. A decent robotic pool cleaner should be able to handle severe pool chemicals, high temperatures, and constant wear and tear.

    Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool, for example, is a long-lasting robotic pool cleaner. This cleaner can survive severe pool chemicals and extreme temperatures because of its durable construction and high-quality materials, guaranteeing that it lasts for years with no maintenance difficulties.

    The Maytronics Dolphin Triton PS is an excellent choice for a dependable and long-lasting robotic pool cleaning.

    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner — Smart Navigation and Top Load Filter for an Ultimate Clean — Ideal for All Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet in Length


    1. How often should I run my robotic pool cleaner?

    The frequency of running your robotic pool cleaner depends on factors such as pool size, debris type, and usage. However, most manufacturers recommend running the cleaner at least once a week during the peak swimming season.

    2. How do I maintain my robotic pool cleaner?

    To keep your robotic pool cleaner in good condition, you should clean the filter regularly, remove debris from the cleaner's brushes, and store the cleaner in a dry and cool place when not in use. It's also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and cleaning.

    3. Can I leave my robotic pool cleaner in the pool all the time?

    While some robotic pool cleaners are designed to be left in the pool all the time, it's not recommended as it can cause damage to the cleaner's electronics and reduce its lifespan. It's best to remove the cleaner from the pool after each use and store it in a dry and cool place.


    Investing in the finest robotic pool cleaner will help you save time and money while keeping your pool clean and gleaming. Consider cleaning efficiency, pool size, programmable features, and durability when selecting a robotic pool cleaner. By considering these aspects, you can pick a robotic pool cleaner that meets your demands and makes pool care a breeze.

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